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Letizia Gambini

Meet our first student recipients of the DataJournalism.com scholarships to attend Dataharvest 2019

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In the framework of our cooperation with Dataharvest 2019 we're sponsoring four full scholarships to attend the conference in Mechelen (Belgium) next 17-19 May 2019. We have now selected four talented young journalism students or data journalists at the beginning of their career. They are Nicu Calcea, Thomas Perroneau, Andrea Abellan and Jose Molina. 

We asked them to leave here a short presentation:

  • Name
  • Country
  • University programme
  • What made you interested in Data Journalism?
  • What do you expect from Dataharvest 2019?
  • Which panels, workshops, sessions are the most interesting for you and why?


Welcome to our community!

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Hello everyone, guess I'll start.

My name is Nicu Calcea and I'm a journalist from the Republic of Moldova. I'm (hopefully) about to graduate from the Munudus Journalism programme in Denmark and the UK. During the programme, I got interested in data journalism, learned a bit of R and met some of the fine folks doing data journalism in London.

I wanted to go to Dataharvest 2019 because I'm interested in developing my career in data journalism and looking forward to attend the more technical workshops: Python, QGis and SQL. I've met many of the trainers and speakers before and I'm very excited to meet the others.

Looking forward to seeing you in Mechelen!

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Hello Nicu, hello everyone!

My name is Andrea, I am currently based in Spain. I have experience working as a freelance journalist, I have always been oriented to topics related to human rights and development. I expanded my interest in data journalism after doing my master's in New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University. In Mechelen I hope to learn about new perspectives in the field and to meet new colleagues. 

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!

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Hi everyone !

I'm a French student finishing my journalism degree at AFP news agency as an apprentice in Paris. Besides, I'm working as a freelance for a french local investigative website : Mediacités. I'm very interested in mixing investigation with daily and local issues. In Mechelen I hope to share my local experiences and open broader perspectives, as I currently enjoy working with data on the european elections at AFP. 

Looking forward to talk with you all !


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Hello everyone 🙂

It was great meeting you all in the DataHarvest, thanks to the EJC and the Data Team for the great opportunity. These have been 4 days of learning and interacting with interesting people. Some topics covered that have inspired me the most are local data journalism-related projects and cross-border collaboration initiatives. It was very stimulating to hear about some newsrooms working on a local level, which are boosting the use of data to cover hyper-local issues.

As a Spanish journalist, it was really motivating to meet with some colleagues from my country and getting to know about other initiatives taking place all over Europe. I appreciate the activities and discussion panels aimed to help us interact and get together.

Hope to see you soon! Thanks again!

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