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Problem starting up Jupyter notebook

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I managed to download the folder from github, but now I can't seem to get jupyter notebook running on my mac. 

When I type the command jupyter  notebook I get an error: -bash: jupyter: command not found

I should be in the right folder (although it was named pythonforjournalists-master). 

Help appreciated! 

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Hi Vildemar,

The Github files are only the exercise files used in the course, they do not include the Jupyter notebook software. In case you didn't install the software yet, you can easily do so by downloading the Anaconda distribution. Once installed, you will have Python and Jupyter notebook available on your system and you should be able to run the 'jupyter notebook' command and follow along with the course.


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Hi Ivan,

I've installed Anaconda (version 4.6.14) and was following line by line with the video, but I also got:

Command 'jupyter' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install jupyter-core

Obviously I can install Jupyter through apt, but I thought Anaconda came with it already bundled.

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