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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, Our next edition of Conversations with Data will be featuring data journalism on the crime beat. We're looking for input from data journalists -- of any skill level -- about their experiences using data to tell stories about criminal justice. Whether it's your top sources of crime data, mistakes or lessons you've learnt on this beat, or advice for crime newbies, please share below!
  2. One of my favourite things about data is its ability to help journalists unearth and report on hidden stories. In our next edition of Conversations with Data, we're looking at underreported subjects and advice for bringing them to light with data. Use this thread to list underreported topics, examples of data reporting on previously untold stories, or advice for journalists working on these beats. To get you started, we can think of a few areas where data and reporting are hard to come by: domestic violence, female sanitation issues, and elder abuse. Do you have any tips for reporting on these issues? Or know of any data journalists pursuing stories in these areas?
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